My passion for hockey

Where do I get this passion for hockey?

For a long time, I have had a strong passion for hockey. But where does it come from and more importantly, why it's so deep and intense? I don't know…

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Article Hockey Femme d'Hockey

Katerine Aubry-Hébert dreams of the NHL

Katerine Aubry-Hébert has been the Quebec women's hockey development coordinator since 2018. Last fall, she became a recruiter for the Quebec Major…

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University exodus

University exodus

We are currently in the middle of the registration period for university. Many of our Quebec hockey players must choose the institution in which they…

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How do I do my child’s mid-season evaluation?

The season is well underway and you are wondering how your child is developing. After a few months of practice, it's a good time to ask yourself…

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Isabelle Leclaire: A humanist coach above all

September brings many good news, including the return to classes, and therefore, to university sports. To mark the occasion, what better way than to…

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Anything is possible for William Trudeau

It's July 24, 2021, the fourth round of the NHL draft and the Montreal Canadiens select Varennes native William Trudeau, a defenseman for the…

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Sledge hockey: A sport of perseverance

Para-hockey, or sledge hockey, is hockey played by athletes with one or more motor disabilities. Many of these para-athletes have a lower body…

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Dek Hockey: a sport on the rise among women

There are still people who believe that hockey is a man's sport or a youth sport. However, dek hockey is experiencing strong growth and is attracting…

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