Because hockey is not only played on the ice

Femme d’Hockey is a place where you can easily access information and exchange on subjects that affect women (and men!) skating in the wide world of hockey.

Here, we approach Hockey with a capital H, in its human approach. In other words, we will discuss the art of being, of helping each other, of living and sometimes even of surviving.

The platform, which aims to highlight women involved in hockey, is full of content on a variety of topics related to this unique universe.

Who is the hockey woman?
She is a mother, a player, a sister, a girlfriend, a wife, a coach, an aunt, a grandmother, a woman who works in this industry.

She is a professional, an amateur, a volunteer.

The femme d'hockey podcast

In each podcast, Isabelle Ethier introduces you to the hockey world and history of a sports, cultural and business personality. During the discussion, the host leads her guest to share his vision of the place that women occupy (or should occupy!) in the world of sports and hockey.

This intimate encounter gives a different perspective on the guest and encourages him to reveal new anecdotes.

The Femme d’Hockey podcast can be viewed on YoutubeFacebookLinkedIn and on TVA Sports

The audio version is available on Balados QuébecSpotify, Apple Podcast et Google Play et QUB radio.

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Highlighting women in the hockey world

In addition to the podcast, you will find on this platform :

  • Articles: Our contributors put forward the world of hockey in all its facets, from the ice to the stands and backstage. Expect tips, advice, portraits and much more!
  • Editorials: a personal and intimate reflection by Isabelle on the topics of the platform that will be covered during the month.
  • Femme d’Hockey Stars: a recognition of the commitment and passion of hockey women from the community, the LHM18AAAQ and the LHJMQ. A presentation by M2 Assurance.
  • Arena Talk: a friendly discussion on current topics with Isabelle and two guests. It is broadcasted live on Facebook, and our subscribers are invited to participate!

Who is Isabelle Ethier?

Isabelle is passionate about people and has a contagious energy that will please you.

For her, hockey is first and foremost a heartfelt story, a family tradition. Since 2020, she has also been in charge of marketing for the Quebec Midget 18AAA Hockey League.

This committed and dedicated woman has contributed to the success of several initiatives, particularly with Le Chaînon, where she co-founded Reluxe, an original event combining philanthropy and fashion to support women in need. She has also been running a successful marketing communications business for over 8 years.

Isabelle decided to create the Femme d’Hockey platform in June 2020 in order to highlight women in hockey and to share her passion for the sport. Determined, she quickly made her place in this sport and media universe. Her friendly approach allows her to make each meeting unique.

Isabelle, is the Hockey Woman.


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