Being a pension family is an experience not of a season, but of a lifetime. It is also a way to get involved in the community, recreating a family atmosphere for young adults who are leaving the nest for the first time.

Many athletes are placed with families with young children. The motivation to become a pension family often starts with a passion for hockey. As a result, our children discover role models who play a valuable role that goes far beyond the sporting aspect! Indeed, the children are in contact with a young adult who is already showing determination, courage and an incredible discipline to reach his dreams. At the risk of repeating myself, it’s a game worth playing for everyone in the family!


a enriching experience for all

Stéphanie Boulianne, whose family hosted a player from the Rimouski Oceanic for two seasons, is categorical:


 « The arrival of our resident in our daily life had an immediate positive effect on our children. They see him as a big brother from whom they draw inspiration. They have a positive example, an example of work ethic and detrmination at their reach.» 


Moreover, this relationship is also very reassuring for us, the parents. Indeed, it is extremely positive to see the relationship evolve between our youth and our resident. 


« They were very close. The children didn’t hesitate to confide in each other, to share their dreams, their fears…A beautiful trust was born from the complicity.Thanks to him, our children have lived memorable moments and they now have a big brother for life. », adds stephanie. 



                 Océanic de Rimouski                                                                Photo credit : Iften Redjah – Foliophoto

Life skills

I was discussing the subject with a social worker friend. She agreed with Stephanie and me. However, she pointed out to me that the parent’s contribution is necessary. They must support their child, who may be learning for the first time to share their space, but also their parents with other people. Especially since this presence is only temporary.

Last January, I shared with you my experience, when our player was traded. I ended that article by saying that it was a very difficult grief for the family and especially for my son. At the age of 9, he was learning to cope with the loss of a big brother. However, I tried to see the positive side of this situation. 

The experience of a pension family also allows the child to discover that it’s possible to create bonds with other people and that these bonds will last beyond his departure. Of course, the support and attention of the parents of young children is crucial in each of the stages, from integration to separation. This learning can later transfer to friendships, but also to love and work.


Being a pension family is a privilege

During this discussion with my favorite social worker, she mentioned the importance, as a parent, of doing a review once a year with the child to validate how he’s feeling about the experience. So I took the opportunity to do my homework.

To my question, “Zach, why do you like to have a player in the house?” he instantly replied:


“Because it’s a privilege, mom!”. What more can i say? 


If you want to live this privilege, as my son says so well, don’t hesitate to contact the hockey team in your area. Give your family a great experience!