I was born in the 70’s, a period of important awareness for women’s rights. I belong to this generation for which the paths were opened by several strong women. By pioneers, who committed themselves for them and for future generations.


For many, March 8th is a day to celebrate women. The media and organizations take the opportunity to highlight and showcase women from all walks of life. I’m happy to see this recognition, but you can guess that for me, one day is not enough. It should be a constant work, all year long.



We must not neglect the objective of this day. That is, to promote respect for equality. Unfortunately, even today, it’s a daily struggle. If there’s progress in many aspects, there’s still a long way to go.


Let’s think about women’s pay, especially in the field of sports. The verbal and physical violence that some women endure, not to mention all those disrespectful, unsolicited gestures.We realize that we are still far from this hoped-for equality.


Let’s dream

I long for the day when every little girl can dream, hope without limits or boundaries. That no matter where she comes from, no matter what her passions are, she can truly have a chance to achieve her ambitions.


For me, March 8th has a special meaning, because it’s also the birthday of my maternal grandmother “Marie-Jeanne”. A strong yet gentle woman who raised 8 very different children. A woman who lived through great changes and upheavals. Imagine, she was born before the persons case.  Now deceased, she has an important place in my thoughts. Indeed, her resilience and her ability to adapt have and continue to inspire me.


I dare to believe that one day, everyone’s rights will be respected. That we’ll finally be able to live in a world of inclusion and equality. That diversity will be sincerely celebrated. 


I hope that I, like my grandmother, can witness these achievements and revolutions. I think the best way is to take action. Every action counts.


As in a team, each member has a role to play so that, together, we can win.


And you, do you want to be part of this team?