For this 31st episode of the Femme d’Hockey Podcast, Isabelle Ethier talks to professional hockey player Marie-Philip Poulin. 


This is an important year in hockey for Marie-Philip Poulin. She’s participating in the IIHF World Women’s Hockey Championship as well as the Beijing Olympic Games. In addition, there is the victory of Team Bauer at the PWHPA Secret Cup last May, the Centre 21.02, her Ouellette-Poulin Hockey School and her Tim Horton’s Barbie. 

Her goal this year is to win the World Championship and the Olympics. While she feels fortunate to be on this journey, she’s aware of the difficulties that come with her goals. 

*Note that the World Championship had not taken place at the time of filming. Marie-Philip scored the winning goal for her team to win the gold medal for the first time since 2012.



In an effort to increase awareness of women’s hockey, Poulin recommends going to women’s hockey games in arenas. Many people are surprised by the quality of the players’ play and their perception of women’s hockey is changing favorably. 



Although she started out in figure skating, Poulin quickly turned to hockey. Her older brother, Pierre-Alexandre, had a lot to do with it. As her brother’s #1 fan, she followed him everywhere and took advantage of every opportunity to play with him, whether it was in the basement or on the ice.


Supported by her family from the very beginning, Marie-Philip was able to climb the ladder until she was named the best female hockey player in the world by the NHL. She has won three Olympic medals as well as 8 world championship medals. In addition, the Team Canada captain is known for scoring the winning goals, as she did at the last championship.



The Winter Olympics are coming up and with the new regulations, her family will not be able to come to Beijing to support her. She’s still a little apprehensive about her family’s absence, as so much effort has been put into getting her to the games, both on her side and her family’s. However, she points out that over the past year we have all learned to communicate differently and therefore remains confident that she has the support of her family even from a distance. 


Marie-Philip had the chance to live for six months with players she admired for their talent: Charline Labonté, Kim St-Pierre and Caroline Ouellette. Now they see these women as sisters. Poulin got to know the person behind the helmet.  


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Presentation and greetings.


Let’s talk hockey 

A look back at some hockey-related moments:


How did your story with hockey start?

What is your best hockey moment?

What is your best hockey jersey?

Who would be THE person you would like to interview in the hockey world, past, present, future and why?



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Endurance or power?

Call or text? 

Yoga or pilates? 

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Sunset or sunrise? 

Early or late riser?

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Spotlight on women 

Let’s raise the issues and the place of women in sport, in hockey. 

Who’s the woman in hockey who inspires you?

How do you inspire new recruits to ensure the future of women’s hockey?

Are there any players that we should be following closely?

Do you think we will have a professional league soon?


Tape to tape pass

Hockey is a passing game. Most goals are made with an assist.

What was the moment, person or organization that made a difference in your career, in your life?

What person or organization would you “tape to tape pass” to today?


Locker Room Banter

Another segment where Isabelle asks her guest to tell us a story.

 Do you have an anecdote to tell us so we can be a little behind the scenes with you?



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