Laura Stacey is one of the first players to sign with Montreal in the PWHL. The Toronto-born forward, who won gold with the Canadian team at the recent Beijing Olympics, deserves to be highlighted not only for her on-ice accomplishments but also for her admirable personality.

Laura Stacey: A golden personality

Laura Stacey always knew she wanted to play hockey. Her ambition began at the age of 4 when young girls were signing up for figure skating. Laura, however, wanted to have fun on the other rink with skates without toe picks. Fortunately, her parents were convinced, allowing their daughter to pursue her passion.

Like many players of her generation, Laura Stacey started playing with boys. After a double wrist fracture, she transitioned to women’s hockey. This led to a path of notable victories, including gold and silver at the under-18 world championships. Later, she won the championship with the Thunder in 2016 in the former Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL). Determined, she finally joined the senior national team in 2017 after a few unsuccessful attempts.

Her presence continues to shine in 2023 in the PWHL. Laura is making history in women’s hockey today and can’t believe she’s part of the women who inspire the new generation of young girls.

Behind the scenes with Laura Stacey

In this episode of the Femme d’Hockey podcast, presented by IGA, the forward reveals how her teammates and pioneers influenced her passion. She authentically shares how hockey shaped her personality, discussing the importance of believing in dreams, overcoming obstacles, and the impact of perseverance. Laura Stacey also discusses the legendary origins of her family’s hockey and shares insights into her favorite NHL team.

Find out how she reacts when Isabelle playfully makes her choose between her lifelong inspiration Cassie Campbell and her teammate Marie-Philip Poulin.

Join us for this episode where we get to know Laura Stacey like never before. Fall under the spell of the vibrant and inspiring personality of this new star in professional women’s hockey in the PWHL.

*This podcast is in both French and English.



Introduction and greetings.


  • Recap of some hockey-related moments.
  • How did playing hockey come into your life?
  • Why did you choose your great-grandfather’s #7, who played for Toronto and Ottawa?
  • Who was your favorite hockey player growing up?
  • What is THE recipe from your childhood?
  • What is your favorite meal?
  • What would it be if you could change one thing about your journey?
  • What fuels your passion?
  • What is the task you hate doing but have to do?
  • What is your dream line-up?

SHOOTOUT (13:02)

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A podcast segment where Isabelle asks her guest this or that type of questions:

  • Christmas/Halloween
  • Wash/Dry dishes
  • City condo/Country house
  • Equity/Equality
  • Call/Text
  • Poulin/Campbell
  • Leafs/Habs


Highlighting the role and challenges of women in sports.

  • How do you feel today about being an inspiration for young people?
  • How does the impact of the clause in the agreement you signed, allowing accommodations for player-moms, manifest in your personal experience?
  • Who is your inspiration?
  • What issue for women in sports would you like to address?


Hockey is a passing game. Most goals are scored with an assist.

  • What was the moment, person, or organization that made a difference in your career or life?
  • I give you the opportunity to make a pass on the palette to an organization, which one would it be?


This segment is presented by La Cage

  • Like a good meal among friends, locker rooms are places where many anecdotes happen.
  • Do you have an anecdote to share with us, an unusual moment you’d like to tell us about?


The Femme d’Hockey Podcast presented by IGA, hosted by Isabelle Ethier, invites you to discover, for a period of time, the hockey universe of a personality.

We discuss hockey, but especially her passion and her history with the sport. We take the opportunity to discuss the place of women in hockey. In passing, we talk about the moment that made the difference in the guest’s career and we reveal unpublished anecdotes.

This intimate meeting is above all an opportunity to get to know our guest in a different way.

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