In this 49th episode of the Femme d’Hockey Podcast presented by IGA, we crossed the American border to meet the Vice President of Hockey Operations of the American Hockey League (AHL): Hayley Moore!

Hayley Moore: Hockey and nothing else

From the time she was a child, Hayley Moore had to find her place in hockey among a majority of men. Her older brother introduced her to the sport. With skates on her feet and sticks on her gloves from the age of 4, the American already knew that her place was on the ice. Encouraged unconditionally by her parents, Hayley has had a great career since her beginnings as a field hockey player, then as a coach and now in field hockey operations.

An impressive career

Her playing career led her to captain the Brown Bears in the NCAA from 2004 to 2008. Upon graduation, she was among the top ten scorers in the history of the Brown University program in Boston.

She then made the jump to the pros and joined the Boston Blades in the CWHL as a forward.

After her pro career, she didn’t want to leave the game. She became a coach for the Harvard Crimson women’s hockey program. There she coached Emerance Maschmeyer, currently a goalie for Team Canada.

She held various positions in the business before becoming President and General Manager of the Boston Pride in the NWHL, now known as the PFH. She won the Isobel Cup in 2016.

In January 2021, Hayley Moore was named Vice President of Hockey Operations for the AHL. She is responsible for overseeing the league’s on-ice operations, including managing the AHL’s officiating program and the league’s disciplinary process.


Hayley Moore, a female force

Hayley is known for her unwavering determination, strong self-confidence and steely determination. Extremely grateful to her parents, Hayley says they have always been there for her and never made her feel like she didn’t belong in the hockey world.

Aware of the potential of women in the hockey industry, Hayley works to bring them to the forefront. One such example is the nomination of 10 female referees in the league, including our Quebecker Elizabeth Mantha.

She wants to be an example for women who don’t dare to climb the ladder in the sport’s organization. She wants to prove to them that they have the skills, knowledge and strength to do so.


Course and questions asked to Hayley Moore during this interview

Introduction and greetings.

We talk about field hockey (01:30)

A look back at some of your hockey moments:
Can you tell us a little more about your hockey journey?
How do you explain that you were the only woman to apply for the position of VP Operations for the AHL?
Can we give you credit for the 10 female referee appointments last fall?
Who was your favorite hockey player when you were young?
What is your most memorable hockey moment?
About the big PHF announcements in the last few weeks, what do you think of them?
What fuels your passion?


Shootout (12:17)

Segment of the podcast where Isabelle asks her guest several questions:
Morning or evening?
Flying or being invisible?
Beer or wine?
Isobel Cup or Olympic gold medal?
Hayley Wickenheiser or Marie-Philip Poulin?
During the summer, hockey or other sports?

Women spotlight (14:27)

Let’s raise the issues and the place of women in sport.
Who is the woman in hockey who inspires you?
Do you think there are more opportunities for women today?


The pass-to-pass tape (17:01)

Hockey is a passing game. Most goals are made with an assist.
What was the moment, person or organization that made a difference in your career, in your life?
What person or organization would you “pass the puck” to today?


Locker Room Echoes (20:54)

A new segment where Isabelle asks her guest to tell us an anecdote.
Do you have an anecdote to tell us, a unique moment that you would like to share with us?



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