For this 44th episode of the Femme d’Hockey Podcast, Isabelle talks to the mother of one of our favorite players with the Montreal Canadiens: Amanda Suzuki.


Amanda Suzuki: For the love of her family

Mother of two boys well known in the hockey world, Amanda was not particularly fond of our national sport. It was thanks to her husband that their sons, Nick and Ryan, were able to put on skates. However, it was seeing her boys’ passion for hockey that made her love the sport. It was out of love for them that she spent so much time in the stands!

Although she was caught between a rock and a hard place a few times with her sons playing against each other (Ryan played for the Barrie Colts and Nick played for the Owen Sound Attack), Amanda never missed an opportunity to cheer them on. To this day, despite the distance and restrictions we’ve recently experienced, she still follows each of their games closely.

Aware of the reality of the professional hockey world, the pressure and the popularity, Amanda never hesitates to remind her sons that hockey is their profession; they are men first. They must always be true to themselves and remain humble.

Course and questions asked to Amanda Suzuki during this interview


Introduction and greetings.

Let’s talk hockey

Looking back on some field hockey related moments:

How did field hockey start in your life?
How will you choose between Nick and Ryan, when they are both in the NHL?
You once told Nick that he was a man first and a field hockey player second. What do you mean by that?
How did you react when you found out Nick was wearing the A on his vest?
When they were teenagers, what were their pre-game meals?
Which of your boys is most like you?
What are your pre-game superstitions and routines?
What do you do for a living?


Shootout (17:52)

Segment of the podcast where Isabelle asks her guest several questions:
Beer or wine?
Red or white?
Attack or defense?
Right or left handed?
Country or pop music?
Lemieux or Gretzky?

Women spothlight (20:27)

Let’s raise the issues and the place of women in sports.
Who is the woman in field hockey who inspires you?
Do you think we highlight the work of these women in field hockey enough?


Tape-to-tape pass (24:53)

Hockey is a passing game. Most goals are made with an assist.
What was the moment, person or organization that made a difference in your life?
What person or organization would you give a “pass on the puck” to today?

Locker Room Echoes (29:46)

Another segment where Isabelle asks her guest to tell us a story.
Do you have a story to tell us about your sons?
Where does the nickname Zukes come from?


About the podcast

The Hockey Woman Podcast, hosted by Isabelle Ethier, invites you to discover, for a period of time, the field hockey universe of a personality.

We discuss field hockey, but especially her passion and her history with the sport. We take the opportunity to discuss the place of women in field hockey. In passing, we talk about the moment that made the difference in the guest’s career and we reveal unpublished anecdotes.

This intimate meeting is above all an opportunity to get to know our guest in a different way.

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